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Workshops for 2019

Exploring Your Unconscious, Yourself, and Your Relationships

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Becoming a Florida Qualified Supervisor

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Healing Trauma in the LGBTQ+ Community

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Groups for 2018



Meets weekly on Thursdays from 6pm - 8pm

Do you feel anxious, disconnected, lonely and unhappy with how your life is turning out or how your relationships are? If so, there is a safe space for you in EMBRACE. This is a group offered by Dalitso that supports those who are dealing with anxiety, depression, passivity, or a history of trauma, and how these issues block intimacy and closeness in relationships with self and others.

The group provides a safe place to explore, discover, and EMBRACE your true self. The group also offers support through relationships with other like minded people.

For more information, call Josh Magro at 407-657-8555 x8.


ACoA (Adult Children of Addiction) Therapy Group

It’s true you are not a kid anymore, but the impact of living with alcoholism or addiction can linger into your adult life. This group is tailored specifically to those of us who survived the trauma of growing up in the addicted family dynamic. This group balances learning and understanding more about yourself by bringing the unconscious to the conscious, while healing the traumatic wounds of our childhood experiences in a safe, nurturing environment. We explore the brilliancy of our childhood minds and the coping mechanism we developed to create the safety and stability we craved, and process how they no longer serve us in our adult lives. In the group you will learn how to connect and interact with yourself, others and the world in healthy, fun ways and unleash the confidence, compassion and personal power we all have within us!

Have questions about the group, its cost, and location? Unsure what ACoA is and if the group is for you? Please feel free to call me – I’d be honored to help!

For more information, call Marcie Cramer, LMHC at 407-657-8555 x1


Men's Group with Phil Jones

Meets weekly from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Description coming soon.

Call Josh Magro or Phil Jones at 407-657-8555 x8 for more information.