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Research shows us that a special bond exists between humans and dogs that fosters intellectual and emotional well being. A professionally trained service dog provides cues, behaviors, tools and skills for individuals experiencing psychological, emotional, or intellectual challenges. Additionally, a service dog assists with performing necessary tasks, and in certain instances even protects their owner from danger or self-destructive behavior.

In order for your Psychological Service Dog experience to be as seamless as possible it is important that you feel a connection with your service dog. If you are a dog owner, we believe you will feel the deepest connection with the dog you already own. Therefore, we make every attempt to utilize the full potential and train your existing dog to meet your therapy needs.

Unfortunately, it is possible that your dog may not have the temperament suitable to become a service dog. In this case, Psychological Service Dogs, Inc. will assist you in locating an appropriate service dog. We strive to make the process of finding a dog as affordable and timely as possible for all our clients. All of this is done for a fraction of the time and money that comparable organizations require.


Through a series of in-home visits and intensive training sessions, we prepare your dog for its new role as a Psychological Service Dog. Training consists of three phases and usually lasts 6-12 weeks.


Week 1

Evaluation. Includes initial meeting regarding handler’s service dog needs, psychological evaluation of the dog, and consultation with the trainer.

Week 2

Sensitivity Testing
(Emotional, Mental, and Physical stability of dog, including appropriate response to
sight and sound).

Week 3

Temperament Testing.


Week 4

Basic Obedience Without
Distraction. i.e.Does the dog respond correctly and quickly to all commands?


Week 5

Social training in public and
with distractions.

Week 6

Final Assessment and

For further information about the training process, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Marcie Cramer at 407-657-8555 ext 1.