Click on each Therapist for a biography. Our therapists have a wide range of expertise, with different specializations in the areas of Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy, addictions, play therapy for children, and other specialized therapies for children, adolescents, and families, including therapy for blended family issues.

Marcie Cramer, President


Marcie S. Cramer, MA, President

Center for the Healing Arts, Founder: Adult Children of Alcoholics Treatment Center, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, Director of Couples,Family/Adolescent Program, License #MH0002729 LMHC

Marcie Cramer has maintained a highly-successful psychotherapy practice for more than 37 years in Winter Park. She approaches each therapy session as an opportunity to meet and assist someone very special. Marcie's core belief is that we are not sick trying to get well, but instead, hurt, trying to heal. She believes that a therapist's main job is to listen to exactly where her clients are telling her they need to grow and heal (and hear what they are not saying as well), even when, (especially when) the client does not even know themselves.

While very often Marcie is booked weeks in advance, she would be honored to guide you to the right therapist should she not be able to work you in immediately. Her biggest fear is for people who just choose a therapist at random since not all therapists have the depth of training or experience to treat all issues. Marcie very much wants to make sure that the client's therapeutic experience is one that will help them in whatever area they are struggling so that they heal, grow and profoundly change for the better so that each person can fulfill their potential to attain happiness.

Marcie's areas of expertise are couples therapy, Adult children of Alcoholics, individual therapy, addictions, relationships and families. Because of her wisdom, passion, and quick wit, Marcie has developed a reputation across the nation as the therapist that other therapists seek out when THEY want therapy. In 1984 Marcie helped to pioneer the co-dependency movement in Central Florida and founded the Adult Children of Alcoholics Treatment Center here in Winter Park, FL. Marcie received her Bachelor of Science degree from Rollins College and her Masters in Counseling from the University of Central Florida. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and is also a Certified Imago Therapist. In addition, Marcie works as a legal consultant through her other project "Legal Insights", as well as consulting for large and small companies on workplace issues and getting the most from their employees.

If you would like to speak with Marcie to either book an appointment or get a referral, please call our office (407) 657-8555 ext. 1.

Phil Jones, Director


Phil Jones, Director

Center for Brain Potential

Phil Jones founded the Center for Brain Potential and is a neurofeedback and biofeedback specialist, as well as a Certified Life Coach.

Phil helps clients to heal and improve through a combination of strategic coaching, sophisticated technical analysis of mental functioning, and direct feedback techniques which gently retrain the mind with healthier, more adaptive thought patterns.

Phil is also a specialist in working with men's issues. Drawing on many years of experience with life coaching as well as his own personal experiences, Phil brings rare understanding and insight to the challenges faced by men in their lives and relationships.

If you would like to speak with Phil, please call (407) 657-8555 ext. 8.

Mary Liebermann, LCSW

mary-liebermann-full-sizeMary Liebermann, LCSW

License #SW0003109

Mary Liebermann is a certified Imago therapist whose primary focus is with couples wanting to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship. Mary's other expertise is with individuals, focusing on anxiety, depression, codependency, and adult children of alcoholics issues. In addition, she also helps lovingly guide people examining gay and lesbian issues, specifically with coming out, identity confusion, and relationship issues.

Mary received her B.A. degree from Rhode Island College and continued on into graduate studies in social work. Mary graduated from Barry University, with a master's degree in Clincal Social Work in 1989 and has been in private practice with Counseling Services of Central Florida ever since.

As well, Mary especially enjoys woodworking, remodeling homes, biking, hiking, with an appreciation of nature. And of course, Mary is thrilled about the company of her new son and two adorable beagles.

If you would like to speak with with Mary, please call (407) 657-8555 ext. 4.

Marjorie L. Schlesinger, LCSW

marjorie-schlesinger-full-sizeMarjorie L. Schlesinger

FL License #SW9321

Margie Schlesinger is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has over 17 years of experience in private and group practice providing healing psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families. Due to Margie's dedication, knowledge, and skills, she is able to utilize compassion and humor to help people emerge and heal from such difficult issues as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, loss/grief, and traumas.

Margie has several areas of expertise, ranging from healing sexual abuse, to healing the invisable grief of pregnancy (perinatal) loss. Margie is one of the few experts in perinatal loss who has gone through her own personal journey of healing as she has experienced this grief on several occasions. In addition, Margie also has extensive experience in the use of EFT, (emotional freedom technique) a non-invasive form of acupuncture, which she utilizes in conjunction with therapy in order to quickly reduce emotional blocks which may get in our way of living a happy and fulfilling life.

Margie received her Bachelors degree from Duquesne University with a double major, and her Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh.

If you would like to speak with with Marjorie, please call (407) 657-8555 ext. 3.

Sally Crumly, LCSW

sally-crumly-full-sizeSally Crumly, LCSW

Play Therapist
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
License #SW0004672

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a play therapist with 30 years of experience working with children and their families. I have a wide range of experience and resources to support children and their families. I specialize in child issues such as anxiety, depression, abuse, trauma, grief and loss and in behavioral and parenting issues. My goal is to identify the origin(s) of the issue and create positive strategies to allow the full potential of each child to develop. I provide information and effective interventions to help you and your child create the relationship you desire and deserve.

During the therapy process, I include all members of a child's immediate family and any extended family members who are identified by the parents as integral to their child's growth and development. To facilitate full communication, each session is a combination of individual and family therapy.

I also have been effective at working with adults who suffer from depression, anxiety or a history of abuse. My goal is to help clients identify what beliefs and behaviors grew from their experiences and how these are currently impacting their adult functioning. A variety of therapeutic methods personalizes treatment for each client.

If you would like to speak with with Sally, please call (407) 657-8555, ext. 5.

Lindsay Kincaide, LMHC

Lindsay Kincaide, M.S.

Lindsay Kincaide, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

From a young age, Lindsay Kincaide has viewed being a psychotherapist as a calling. She feels profoundly fortunate to have a career that allows her to help others achieve happier and empowered lives. Lindsay approaches each of her clients with a deep sense of respect, empathy, and curiosity, so they can embrace treating themselves with similar appreciation and gentleness. She believes that many people seek therapy because they feel lost in an often chaotic world and she excels at showing them their inner strengths, wisdom, and direction.
Lindsay is fully committed to providing a safe, compassionate space that encourages growth, creativity, and healing. She offers innovative and personalized services for adults, adolescents, children, and families. She knows that therapy is a journey towards greater connectedness, awareness, and acceptance. She employs the expressive arts and Internal Family Systems to assist her clients in discovering valuable insights that transform their lives with fulfilling experiences and relationships. With children, Lindsay uses child-centered play therapy techniques that allow their unconscious to tell their story when sometimes they are not able to.
Lindsay assists all of her clients in the healing process; from trauma, especially abuse and neglect from childhood, overcoming depression and anxiety, and building the foundation they need to show up fully and authentically in their lives.

In her free time, Lindsay enjoys baking, painting, and writing. Her young adult novel, The Waiting Tree, was published in 2013.
If you would like to speak with Lindsay, please call (407) 657-8555 ext. 2.

Preston Patterson, LMHC

Preston Patterson, M.S.

Preston Patterson, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor MH17170

Preston Patterson is passionate about helping people find new tools, skills, and healing for each clients’ very unique challenges. His passion is in guiding his clients through processing their thoughts, feelings, and relationship patterns to discover what is no longer working for them and where they need to grow and change. He understands how much strength it takes to get through the most basic daily activities when weighed down by our struggles. Therefore, he admires those who have wisdom, courage, and strength to seek guidance in taking their next step toward a better life. Preston is dedicated to treating his clients with compassion, respect, and kindness.

Preston has expertise in the following areas: working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum, play therapy with children ages 4 AND UP AND ALSO in treating those with depression/anxiety, addictions/ACOA, men’s issues, chronic illness/pain, and spiritual abuse. From his own personal journey, he also provides guidance and emotional healing to those who are on the path to living gluten-free.

Along with using psychotherapy, Preston also treats clients with neurofeedback, which improves communication between various parts of the brain to help decrease mental health and behavioral symptoms. Some people are satisfied with the reduction in their symptoms with relatively few sessions, while others choose to continue with psychotherapy, often experiencing positive changes more easily than they did before engaging in neurofeedback.

Preston graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology.

In his personal life, Preston enjoys meditation, creating artwork, fishing, learning, creating fun, nutritious ways to eat gluten-free, and of course, spending time with his wife and 2 dogs.

To connect with Preston to take your next step in your healing journey, call 407-657-8555 x9.

Alyssa Negron, RMHI

Alyssa Negron

Alyssa Negron, RMHI

Often in life depression, anxiety, anger and feelings of loss can make you confused about your direction, purpose, decisions and faith. Finding hope and true happiness in yourself and your relationships is worth the work. In my 15 years of experience working with adults and children I have gained special insight into people from all walks of life. It would be my honor to assist you in learning how to understand your experiences from a caring and non-judgmental safe space. This exploration is critical to you finding your true self and shifting whatever is in the way of you thriving. You are worth it! I am very much looking forward to meeting you and being your guide on your next step in your journey.

I received my Bachelors in Sociology and Education from Wesleyan University and my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University. I am also proud to be fluent in English and Spanish.

If you would like to speak with Alyssa, please call (407) 657-8555 ext. 9.

Heather Rashal, LMHC


Heather Rashal, LMHC

Heather Rashal is skilled in assisting individuals make changes to their lives. Known as an advocate of mindfulness and yoga in the mental health community, she brings 10 years of experience in the mental health field to her therapeutic practice. Heather enjoys working with adults and adolescents/ young adults, individuals and families. Trained in Imago Therapy, she is skilled at helping couples improve their relationship through effective communication. Heather's areas of expertise include but are not limited to mindfulness-based practices, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, clinical hypnosis, trauma and LGBTQ++ youth.

Knowledge and experience from various types of mental health facilities, in addition to her personal recovery from trauma provides Heather a unique perspective on helping others heal and move forward from challenging points in their lives, when staying stuck is no longer an option.

Heather received both her Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology and her Master's of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Rollins College. Her experience in the mental health field has included a women's residential treatment center where she led groups and activities with residents of the program. She also facilitated groups, individual, and family therapy in a high school program for drug addiction and prevention. Heather is regularly involved in the personal growth and yoga communities, and educates others on the benefits of a mindfulness-based lifestyle.

If you would like to speak with with Heather, please call (407) 657-8555, ext. 6.

Kimberly Raby, LMHC

kim-raby-full-sizeKimberly Raby, LMHC

FL License #MH10883

Kim Raby started her therapeutic journey at the age of 14, when she began working on her own healing process. Growing up in an alcoholic family, she soon realized the effects of family dysfunction and how it persists within relationships and adulthood. As a result, her passion is now to bring healing, insight, and growth to other individuals who not only struggle in relationships, but those who struggle alone.

Kim's specialties in therapy include Adult Children of Alcoholics, Adolescent Therapy, relationship issues, depression, and anxiety. She is currently becoming certified in Imago therapy to continue to facilitate healing Dialogues between couples.

Kim completed her Master's Education at the University of Central Florida in the Counselor Education program with concentration on Mental Health and Marriage and Family Therapy. While in school, she worked with the Center For Drug-Free Living's New Horizon program, offering individual, group, and family therapy to adolescents in need at a local high school.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys cooking, running, and spending time with family and friends.

If you would like to speak with with Kim, please call (407) 657-8555 ext. 2.

Kennedi Davis, MA

Kennedi Davis

Kennedi Davis, MA

Registered Mental Health Intern
Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern
RMFTI (IMT3268), RMHCI (IMH19316)

Kennedi Davis has always known that her passion lies with helping others achieve healing through introspection, clarity and growth. She also believes that deep healing occurs when clients are able to identify how their emotional wounds and how past experiences invade their adult lives inevitably influencing their relationships with romantic partners, children, parents, and most importantly their relationship with themselves.

Kennedi knows that all relationships are critical to our balance, so in addition to individual psychotherapy, her area of concentration is Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy.

Kennedi’s mission is to assist her clients in embracing their strengths as the foundation on which to build upon while adding the unique skills and tools they will need on their healing path to happiness.

Kennedi’s self-care includes reading, gardening, finding tranquility at the beach, and practicing mindfulness in her daily life.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Florida, and her Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Central Florida.

If you would like to discuss your next step in the healing process, please call Kennedi at (407) 657-8555 ext. 7

Megan McCauley, MSW, RCSWI

Megan McCauley

Megan McCauley, MSW, RCSWI

Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

Megan feels incredibly honored and fortunate to be a part of the psychotherapy profession. She is fiercely passionate about assisting her clients as they navigate complex trauma, particularly that which stems from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse or neglect. Megan connects deeply with her client's journey and is exceptional at identifying each client's unique strengths in order to guide them on their healing path. She encourages mindfulness throughout the therapeutic process and enables her clients to create a space to embrace self-love and self-compassion while exploring their most challenging thoughts and emotions.

Megan recognizes the profound connection between trauma, the brain, and its overall impact on her clients' lives. Through the trauma lens, she aids clients of all ages as they identify and process the core of their struggles.

In addition to the above, Megan is highly skilled in crisis intervention and trauma-informed therapy for all populations, with a special focus on children and families. She excels at helping parents and caregivers enrich, ,support, and set boundaries with the kiddos in their lives. Megan is particularly gifted at creating a non-judgmental, compassionate space necessary for deep healing to occur.

In practicing her own self-care, Megan loves connecting with nature, reading, and spoiling her beloved cats.

Megan received her bachelor's degree from Millikin University in Sociology and Psychology, and she obtained her master's degree in Social Work from the University of Central Florida.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with Megan to take the next step in your healing journey, please call (407)657-8555 ext. 8.

If you do not see the therapist you were seeking, please call (407) 657-8555 ext. 1

Josh Magro and Christine Manicoff are no longer practicing at the Center for the Healing Arts, for more information call (407) 657-8555 ext. 1