After being diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD, I tried many different modalities to treat the symptoms. All of them helped me cope with the irritations associated with the diagnoses, but none actually removed the symptoms. Neurofeedback has been the most effective and profound modality because it actually corrected the brain patterns that were causing my distress.” 

Vicki O’Grady, LMHC

Maitland, FL

After many, many years of traditional, “talk therapy”, I had reached an impass in my psychological growth as I saw it. My counselor recommended I try neuro-feedback therapy as an alternative. What a God-Send. I felt an immediate improvement, most markedly, the ability to sleep soundly, which had been a rare luxury in my life for the past several years. That alone would have been worth the cost but, that was only the beginning: after a few more sessions, I noticed a dramatic increase in concentration and my previous, incessant sense of anxiety was a thing of the past. All in all, I would have to say that neurofeedback therapy was the easiest and the most effective treatment I have ever experienced. In fact, I would even go as far as to say it’s been “life changing.

Joe Nichols

Orlando, Florida

began working with the Center for Brain Healing, not really knowing what to expect.  I had done traditional “talk” therapy, and had been encouraged to try the “brain work” as a supplement to the therapy.
I have tried several things, including mediation and prayer, to “quiet my mind” and have never been able to get a quiet place.  I have read descriptions of how that is supposed to feel, and have never achieved it by myself.  The brain work helped me get to that place.  I was able, for the first time in years, to stop the endless loop of thoughts, and distractions that constantly cluttered my mind.  Getting rid of that mind “noise” was instrumental in feeling calmer, sleep better, and being able to focus and concentrate. 
The science behind this was fascinating, and knowing that my brain processes had become hard-wired into this loop was helpful.  Phil Jones was always ready to answer my questions with scientific details, but did not lose me in the explanation.  I understood that there was a physical reason for how my brain worked, and I was able to shift it to working more efficiently. 
The Center has been so professional and has assisted my journey in every way possible.  I have been happy with my work with the Center, and Phil, specifically. 

Debbie Botwin

Orlando, FL

I cannot say enough about what neurofeedback has done for me. Before starting the process, I had problems with insomnia, anxiety and stress. Phil, my neurofeedback technician, provides a safe, consistent environment for me to discuss my areas of concern – where I’m struggling. As a result of the neurofeedback, and some life coaching provided by Phil, I am calmer, much less anxious, and better able to cope with stress – not to mention my sleep pattern has improved considerably.  In addition, I have experienced a noticeable improvement in my ability to focus, as well as my creativity.
Simply by engaging in activities on a computer screen, neurofeedback has retrained my brain to a state of neutrality, instead of being in hypervigilant “fight or flight” mode, which I learned was affecting my ability to sleep and react to the daily triggers of life.  I would encourage anyone who is struggling with stress, anxiety, or insomnia to schedule an assessment and give neurofeedback a try. 

Natalie Hosp, CVT/RDH