Meet the Founders

Rescuing dogs... To rescue people

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Marcie S. Cramer

Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist

Co- Founder Psychological Service Dogs, Inc.

Marcie has been in private practice for over 31 years. Early in her career she began to bring her own dogs to her office. Immediately she noticed the connection and safety they brought to the therapeutic arena.

To her surprise and delight she noticed her clients would take deeper therapeutic steps while holding or even just stroking the dogs.

Sometimes they would take therapeutic risks they would not take otherwise as long as they were allowed to hold a dog.

In 1996 Marcie rescued from a puppy mill an abused dog, she named Cocoa.

Because of the prior abuse, Cocoa was not a stable dog and needed an outstanding dog trainer who would be able to train Cocoa to be around Marcie’s clients. That’s when Marcie and Cocoa were introduced to Jocelyn who became a family friend and the amazing trainer the changed both their lives. As a result, Marcie and Jocelyn joined together to form Psychological Service Dogs, Inc. to bring healing and hope those who might otherwise stay invisible.

Jocelyn Mcguiness

Master Dog Trainer

Co- Founder Psychological Service Dogs, Inc.

Jocelyn has trained dogs throughout the world for over 40 years. She is known for her balance in teaching with compassion and boundaries. In addition to her expertise in training service dogs she also excels in training dogs in obedience, protection, guarding and competitions.

As Jocelyn embraces the journey of bringing Psychological Service Dogs to those in need she looks forward to training other trainers throughout the world.